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The implants of the Footmotion HammerToe range are intended for proximal interphalangeal arthrodeses of lesser toes in adults.


Technische Eigenschaften

  • One-piece intramedullary implants
  • Designed for optimized anchorage :
    - Distal grooves  
    - Proximal grooves
    - Two elastic proximal rods: to obtain a spring effect and to increase the resistance to flexion in the proximal phalanx
    - Small hooks
  • Distal tip to center the implant
  • Central hole to gasp the implant with the implant holder
  • Central mechanical stop to avoid excessive implant insertion
  • Titanium alloy implants



  • 3 sizes of implants to accommodate various anatomical and bone quality needs
  • 2 angle configurations: 0° and 10° angulation of the distal part, for S, M and L sizes only
  • 1 implant (size R) specifically designed for revision surgeries and osteoporotic bone (only one angulation: 0°)




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